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We're always expanding our foil options to meet your needs.

New Exterior Thermoforming Finishes

These finishes can be utilized by many markets including Automotive, Marine, Golf Cart, RV and more.

Finish descriptions (below) match images (above) from right to left

Turned Titanium  - This high tech finish contains a silver background with a feathered circular pattern. 

 Birdseye Bordeaux - This burl finish contains light brown, dark brown and patches of very dark burl spots. 

 Ebony Brush II - This metallic finish has a black background with a silver linear brush.

Cherrywood - This medium brown wood grain has consistent linear grain with areas of lightness and darkness. 

 Champagne Brush - This metallic finish has a champagne gold background with a black linear brush.

Champagne Burl - This burl finish has a tan background with swirls of various shades of brown. 

Diamond Graphite - This high tech film has a gray background with cross hatched brush in a dark gray (example shown in formed part to right)

American Red Burl - This very traditional burl finish has a reddish background with dark brown swirls. 

Grey Hurricane - This high tech finish has a gray background with a black gingham-like pattern. 

Sand Grid - This high tech finish has a gray background with a very small gingham-like pattern in black.

 Autumn Teak - This wood grain finish has medium brown background with dark brown linear grain. 

If you do not see a finish that meets your needs, contact us, to help us understand what you're looking for.