Decorative Plastic for Point-of-Purchase Retail Displays

Innovative Laminations offers the widest range of custom, decorative plastic laminates for use in fabrication of point-of-purchase retail displays and store fixtures for nationwide retailers. Our material will highlight the product and draw the customers' attention, distinguishing the product from the rest of the pack.

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Retail Displays application examples

We custom manufacture decorative plastic sheet and roll stock for thermoforming, heat bending and flat fabrication for retail display applications.

  • Point-of-Purchase Retail Displays
  • Store Front Window Displays
  • Signage
  • Store Fixtures
  • Print Receptive Plastics for Point-of-Purchase Hanging Displays or other signage

Advantages of ILC decorative plastics
for retail displays

  • We stock hundreds of films on our floor for a range of options, fabrication possibilities and quick lead times
  • ILC stocks more 48"+ wide films than any other supplier to offer our customers a multitude of retail design opportunities
  • Metallic product range exclusive to ILC provides a high end look to captivate customers for your retail display
    .007-.040" product offerings allow for flexibility in design, fabrication and shipping
  • Achieve high end, printable metallic looks that cannot be accomplished printing to paper, cardboard or plain white substrates to enhance your retail design
  • ILC's expertise laminating thin gauge materials ensures customers receive highest quality and aesthetic for thin gauge materials in their display
  • Our chemical resistant caps are perfect for cosmetic retail displays that must withstand the effects of perfume and other cosmetics

Why buy from ILC? Value proposition

Distinguish yourself from the crowd with high quality, custom laminates at competitive prices

ILC custom manufactures decorative plastic sheet and roll stock to meet customer and designer specifications for ongoing programs and projects for design of retail displays. We have the capability to quickly turn prototypes for proof of concept or project approval in small quantities, so that our customers can be confident in their production scale retail, project launches and program roll outs.

Our wide range of offerings includes laminates for both thermoforming and flat fabrication with enhanced performance properties such as chemical resistance, scratch resistance, UV stability and printability, to name few. We also stock and convert a multitude of pressure sensitive adhesives.

ILC understands the requirements, demands and lead time sensitivity of manufacturing retail displays and can provide decorative plastic options for any display or project.

Suitable materials – technical details

Hundreds of finishes and looks for retail display

  • Patterns and product offerings include Exterior Formable Chrome, Exclusive Texture Films, Real Wood-Looks, Metallics and other solid colors.
  • Ability to match or produce custom patterns and colors.
  • ABS, High Impact Polystyrene, Acrylic, PETG and other plastic substrates upon request.
  • Product availability from .007" to .500" thick and up to 60" wide (roll stock available up to .060" and sheet stock available at any gauge)
  • 2:1 Draw Ratio (forming applications)

Download our whitepaper on Advantages of Decorative Plastic Laminate vs other POP mediums