Decorative Plastic for In-Mold Decorating/Injection Molding

Innovative Laminations offers hundreds of custom, decorative plastic solutions for in-mold decoration/injection molding. We manufacture per your specifications and provide the highest quality, most durable product, at a competitive price. We are experts at thin gauge lamination, providing our customers with superior  quality laminates that can also be printed to further customize your design and part.

Insert Molded (IMD) /Injection molded products require a formable film. The pre-printed film is inserted into the mold cavity and thermoformed. Forming occurs over temperature controlled molds. After forming, the in-mold appliques are trimmed precisely on match metal dies. The formed part is injection molded (a compatible molding resin is shot in behind the applique).  IMD offers customized, 3D options for a variety of applications.

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Decorative Plastic for Plastic Molding

We manufacture decorative plastic roll and sheet stock that are designed for molding plastic. We are specialists for a variety of markets including OEM Heavy Truck, Automotive and Consumer Products.

  • Decorative Trim and Accessories for OEM Heavy Truck (door trim, dash trim, exterior trim)
  • Decorative Trim and Accessories for Automotive (door trim, dash trim, exterior trim)
  • Consumer Products (Cell Phone Cases, Electronics, Cosmetics)

Advantages of ILC decorative films and sheets
for plastic molding

  • ILC's expertise laminating thin gauge materials ensures customers receive highest quality and aesthetic
  • Variety of decorative plastic laminate combinations
  • Custom manufacture to your specifications to satisfy all of your requirements – price, durability and look
  • Ability to quickly provide prototypes in small quantities for proof of concept and program approval for ultimate customer confidence
  • Most chemical resistant cap in the industry is available for parts that must be extra durable

Why buy from ILC? Value proposition

Custom Sheet & Roll Stock for In-Mold Decorating/Injection Molding

ILC excels at manufacturing thin gauge decorative roll and sheet stock to meet customer's plastic molding specifications for In-Mold Decoration/Injection Molding projects. We have the capability to quickly turn prototypes for proof of concept or project approval in small quantities, so that our customers can be confident in their project launches and program roll outs. Our hundreds of decorative films can be laminated to various plastic substrates for customized decorative options for your parts.

Suitable materials – technical details

Hundreds of finishes and looks for In-Mold Decorating/Injection Molding

  • Patterns and product offerings include exclusive Texture Films & Metallics, Chrome, High Tech, Solid Color and Real Wood-looks
  • Ability to match or produce custom patterns and colors
  • ABS, Acrylic, PC/ABS and other plastic substrates available upon request
  • Product availability from .010" to .030" thick and other gauges upon request