Decorative Plastic for Heat Bending Plastics

The thermoplastic decorative sheets that Innovative Laminations manufactures can be re-molded or formed at specific temperatures. You can heat bend (or strip heat or line bend) our plastic sheet to give it a well-defined line bend for your point of purchase displays or other applications. After bending plastics, the material is normally put onto a fixture and then cooled. After cooling, the sheet holds its basic form, but also maintains the bend. There are a multitude of ways  of plastic bending including radiant heat, convection ovens and hot wire.

We offer hundreds of decorative plastic products suitable for heat bending applications. Fabricate your point-of-purchase retail displays, marine parts and decorative trim, signage and other applications. 

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Application examples for decorative plastic bending

We custom manufacture decorative plastic sheet and roll stock for heat bending, thermoforming and flat fabrication. Design and produce high-end products with our decorative plastics.

  • Point-of-Purchase Retail Displays
  • Marine Parts
  • Store Fixtures
  • Signage

Advantages of ILC decorative films
and sheets for plastic bending

  • ILC decorative plastic is easy to fabricate. You can easily achieve a well defined line bend.
  • Our decorative plastic products for heat bending permit you to bend the material using the same process as for non-decorative plastic. Additionally, it allows you to enhance the part with metallic or other patterns for unique looks
  • We provide decorative plastic with enhanced performance properties for your part. We do so by laminating clear caps that provide scratch resistance, chemical resistance or other desired features to the material
  • ILC materials for plastic bending provides a custom look
  • We stock hundreds of films and a variety of plastic substrates are stock on our floor for a range of options, fabrication possibilities and quick lead times

Why buy from ILC? Value proposition

We custom manufacture your decorative plastic for heat bending

ILC custom manufactures decorative plastic sheet and roll stock to meet customer and designer specifications. You need a prototype? No problem, we have the capability to quickly turn prototypes for proof of concept or project approval in small quantities. You can be confident in your project launches and program roll outs. Our hundreds of films can be laminated to Acrylic, ABS, High Impact Polystyrene or other plastic of your choice.

Suitable materials – technical details

Hundreds of finishes and looks for heat bending plastics

  • Patterns and product offerings include Exclusive Texture Films & Metallics, Chrome, Real Wood, Solid Color and High Tech-looks
  • Ability to match or produce custom patterns and colors
  • ABS, High Impact Polystyrene, Acrylic, PETG and other plastic substrates upon request
  • Product availability from .007" to .500" thick and up to 60" wide (roll stock available up to .060" and sheet stock available at any gauge)