Decorative Plastics for Furniture Manufacturing

At Innovative Laminations, we excel in producing high-quality plastics, film laminates, and sheets designed for the furniture industry. We collaborate closely with our clients to create or match custom designs and finishes tailored for specific furniture solutions. Our plastics are user-friendly for both thermoformed and flat applications and are suitable for interior and exterior uses. We ensure that our products meet our customers' specifications and required properties.

Competitive Advantage
Why choose our materials in this market segment?

We continue to expand our reach in the furniture industry by offering designers alternative material options. As a trusted supplier, we efficiently handle and deliver projects on budget and on time, without compromising value. Customers trust us because we provide top-quality, laminated decorative sheets that consistently enhance their furniture designs.

Our products are laminated using specialized processes refined over the years with the latest technology and equipment. Our in-house engineers have optimized our machines and equipment to maximize the performance and aesthetics of our products. Our team fully understands our customers' expectations for product performance and works seamlessly together to exceed these expectations.


We provide top custom fabrication solutions for the furniture industry by providing competitively priced high quality plastics, films, and sheet. Our reduced cost of production guarantees competitive advantage and gives you an edge in the industry.

Other benefits you enjoy when you make us your choice includes:

  • Guaranteed quality
  • ISO Registered Company
  • Attractive and reliable products
  • Durability
  • UV Stable
  • Chemical Resistant
  • On-time and On-budget solution
  • Easy to use and fabricate
  • A plastic solution that responds elegantly to your creativity


Our understanding of the industry allows us to provide product with the necessary flexibility to function seamlessly in the furniture industry:

  • Trays
  • Cup holders
  • Trim and accents
  • Seat back
  • Printable
  • Material for Backlighting

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