Decorative plastics for Heavy Trucks

Innovative Laminations Company specializes in producing high quality plastics and laminated films and sheets used in making reliable and elegant custom OEM heavy truck parts including dash panels and other decorative trim and accessories. For years, we have been the OEM truck manufacturers’ decorative plastic producing company of first choice. We handle large and small scale orders efficiently, providing on-time and on-budget solutions.

Competitive Advantage

Why use our materials in this market segment?

Superior Quality Plastic for OEM Heavy Truck Parts
We provide superior quality plastic, laminated films and sheets, for our clients in the OEM truck manufacturing industry. They trust us because we deliver top quality, reliable laminated films and decorative plastic sheets that are consistent, durable and are able to retain their appeal even in tough conditions.

Our products are laminated using special processes we have refined over the years using the latest technology and equipment. Our in-house engineers have optimized our machines and equipment in order to maximize the performance and aesthetic of the products that we manufacture. Our team fully understands our customer’s expectations of product performance and work together seamlessly to exceed these expectations. Our understanding of the industry allows us to provide products with the necessary flexibility to function and integrate with other components in the truck effortlessly.


Our decorative plastic for OEM heavy truck can be applied in different areas of custom truck parts manufacturing:

  • Dash panels
  • Decorative trim and accessories
  • Thermoformed custom OEM truck dashes
  • Flat custom OEM truck dashes
  • Custom truck parts
  • Dash covers for trucks

Suitable materials – technical details

Hundreds of finishes and looks
for custom truck parts

We provide competitively priced plastic sheet and film solutions for custom OEM truck parts, dash panels and other decorative solutions for the OEM heavy truck industry. We guarantee competitive advantage because of our efficient production process and cost.

Other benefits you enjoy when you choose us for your plastic films and sheet.

  • Highest Quality Guaranteed
  • Durable and fluid products
  • Reduced production time
  • On-budget
  • Reliable and attractive
  • Ease of use
  • Cost effective

Why buy from ILC? Value proposition

Trusted Heavy Truck Plastics Solutions

As an ISO registered company we ensure that we are continually improving our products and are in compliance with industry standards. In fact, our team of experts not only takes every opportunity to better understand the requirements and specifications of our customer, but also work with you to provide solutions for challenges that you encounter. The plastics we design and create are easy to use products for both thermoformed and flat custom OEM truck dashes, trim and accessories. The products can be used for both interior or exterior applications. We supply decorative plastic for custom thermoformed parts and for laminating to metal.

We Offer a Tailored and Personal Solution

We work closely with you to create or match custom designs and films for tailored solutions and assist you in integrating it into your product. Prior to production, our raw materials are carefully examined and tested by our quality team, led by a fifteen year veteran from the decorative film industry.

We also ensure that our plastics are easy to work with and allow design fluidity. We create plastics that allow the creative freedom of your company to be exercised.

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for High Quality Films for your truck part applications

Finding the right quality of plastic with the required flexibility, versatility, durability, weight, and strength needed for trucks can be challenging. At ILC, our mission is to bring the highest possible quality of laminated plastic film and sheet to your doorstep. Our immense knowledge and experience in plastics, films, and sheets give you an edge over your competitors. Contact us today and take advantage of our solution.

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