Silver Chrome & Gold finishes for POP

Published on: 08/13/2020 Author: Marylynn Rich

Our Silver & Gold Finishes Make Eye-catching Displays

The silver and gold finishes shown below are some of the most popular used by our POP display manufacturers.

Benefits of ILC materials:

  • Formable
  • Printable
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Lightweight & less expensive than real metal
  • Exterior grade
  • Ready to use - no need to be sent out for plating or dipping (Chrome)

Request a sample of one of our silver or gold finishes



ILC-0080-PFG- Bright-Vac Chrome

ILC-0699-UPFG - NEW Bright Vac-Chrome

ILC-0825-MUM - Egyptian Gold

ILC-0656-PFG - Mayan Gold

ILC-0711-PFG - Tuscan Gold

ILC-0826-MUM - Vegas Gold