Decorative Digital Print Styrene

Published on: 05/03/2023 Author: Marylynn Rich

Looking for material that can ship out within 1-2 days?

Utilize our Shelf Stock of Decorative Digital Print Styrene!


What is it?

  • Our Digital Decorative Print Styrene (DDPS) is comprised of polyester film heat fused to white or natural high impact polystyrene (HIPS)

  • The surface is pre-treated for superior ink adhesion with UV curing inks (not tested/approved for solvent based inks)

  • All products in the DDPS series have a protective masking that holds the treatment to preserve the Dyne Level and it also protects the surface


  • Designed for interior use

  • No pre-treating necessary before printing

  • Weight reduction in comparison to materials like stainless steel and aluminum

  • Flexible substrate allows for 4'x8''s to be packed and shipped loosely rolled in a box VIA UPS or FedEx

  • Low minimums

  • Superior ink adhesion

  • Endorsed by EFI ™ Vutek ® and optimized by Mimaki ®


  • For best results, we recommend routing or die-cutting; however, material can also be sheared or saw cut

  • While easy to fabricate, we always recommend that customers proto/sample the material to test fabrication (especially with 2-sided material)


  • .040 x 48.25" x 96.25" sheets stocked on the shelf by ILC - buy as little as one sheet!

  • (125) sheets = standard stocking order

  • As a custom manufacturer, we can run any length and widths up to 50" for 1000 LF+ orders

  • We will always entertain and try to accomodate special sheet sizes. 


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