ILC Textured Finishes

Published on: 05/25/2020 Author: Marylynn Rich

Take advantage of our Textured Series

These finishes can be utilized for both flat and thermoforming applications.

We are excited to announce ILC-0924-TXT/Brushed Steel (pictured below), our newest textured finish. Additionally, we now have the capability to incorporate the texture feature into our existing line of finishes! This development allows for greater customization and wider variety in your selection of textured finishes.

Charcoal Brush Texture


Black Forest Texture


Brushed Steel (NEW!)


Woodland Texture


Sedona Fiber Texture


Features & Additional Information

  • Excellent weathering properties (QUV panel Accelerated Weathering Tester/UVA-340EL Lamps. 2,000 hours continuous UV/moisture exposure *)
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Unique finish with superior performance properties
  • Exceptional forming qualities (as compared to traditional materials)

View the Technical Data Sheet for 2023 ILC Textured Finishes

* Learn how QUV Accelerated Weather Testing works